Hillview Herb Farm

The Story


What is hillview Herb Farm

Hillview Herb Farm is located on the outskirts of Gloucester, on the corner of Buckets Way and Fairbairns Road, approximately 3 hours north of Sydney. With spectacular views, our Herb Farm overlooks the majestic Bucketts mountains to the west and the Mograni mountain range to the east. Servicing and supplying the Mid North Coast and Upper Hunter Region for the past 25 years Hillview Herb Farm provides a place for people to come and enjoy a tranquil environment amid the beautiful country air while resting in and around all the plants and produce we have on offer at our farm. We have a screened garden rotunda and large bullnose verandas with ample seating. You can also venture out into our beautiful gardens filled with a variety of culinary and medical herbs, along with a multitude of native plants and trees.

For a little bit more info on Hillview check our our "what we're about" page.


The Owners and their story

As young parents myself and husband Michael packed up our bags, hopped in our Ford Transit van and headed on an adventure up the east coast of Australia. Zigzagging up the eastern seaboard from our home in Newcastle we were on the hunt uncover a place to grow our small family. A place that had natural beauty and appeal, room to move, a sense of family community and fresh air to breath, as our young boy suffered from chronic asthma. An escape from the city life was exactly what we needed.

Darting in and out between places such as the Myall Lakes, Port Macquarie, Byron Bay and Cabarita we eventually stopped in at Redcliffe in Queensland. In this small suburb near Moreton Bay our second child would be born, as a result an upgrade in transport would be needed, out went our faithful Ford Transit and in came the hardy Toyota Land Cruiser and caravan.

The four of us then continued our journey all the way to the top of Queensland, but the New South Wales coast was too stunning to resist. Once the decision was made to chuck a u-turn and head back south our travels led us to Foster and inland we turned. This turn would soon result in exposing the love of our life, Gloucester. This was the spot, with gorgeous river systems nearby, mountains ranges as far as the eye could see, Gloucester and Barrington Tops a short drive away, it was the natural beauty and landscape we were after. It was only an hour from the coast and within an hour and half from family and friends. The search was over, with two small boys and another on the way the timing was impeccable. 

Michael and I decided to buy a small property just south of the township to allow the boys to run wild and enjoy the open space and shortly after the purchase our third son was born. The decision was made that one of us should stay at home, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to spend as much time with my children as possible before school consumed their lives. As a supplementary income was still needed a short dabble in calf raising was undertaken, however it was soon to be discovered that their mothers were much better at raising them than I was. I have always had a passion for plants and gardening and have always be drawn to the outdoors so after months on the road learning to prepare meals for my family and keep them in the best health I could I had an epiphany. Why not try to grow the herbs I have been using so frequently at home? After some research I soon discovered that herbs were an underutilised component of many local kitchens and my interest in these tiny little plants kept growing. We started off growing small amounts of this culinary goodness on a small part of our acreage and soon this hobby was fuelled by Michaels eagerness to help and contribute. After a short course on herb cultivation he returned home to get straight into building more and more garden beds, and more garden beds meant more herbs. Soon we had more herbs than we could handle and as a result people from the local community started to purchase those herbs from us. This is how Hillview Herb Farm began.

Years and years would fly by, income streams would come and go but the garden remained consistent, slowly growing in size and variation as each day past. Today Hillview is the main focus for both myself and Michael offering fresh culinary and medical herbs, garden tours, accommodation and functions as well as herbal products to not only the local community but the Mid North Coast and Hunter Regions.