Hillview Herb Farm

What We're About


what we're about


Farm Gate Tours

Hillview is a working herb garden offering a wide range of fresh culinary and medicinal herbs to smell, taste and touch with the option of morning teas, lunches and guided tours by booking. 


Events & Functions

With our expanding gardens and entertaining spaces we can accommodate for events and functions such as gourmet barbeques, pizza nights and parties with entertainment on request. 


Fresh Medicinal & Culinary Herbs

Hillview has a variety of fresh, dried and potted herbs. Our fresh bunches are purchased by local restaurants and are also available from the garden if you come for a visit. Herbs are a great way to enhance your dishes and are often overlooked as an integral part of your diet when they offer multiple medicinal qualities and flavours to boot.


Herbal Products

Hillview has a vast selection of herbal products including vinegars, honeys, massage oils, herbal salts and teas that have been made from ingredients found on the farm or through our contracted growers. Our products are often displayed at local farmers markets throughout the Mid North Coast and Hunter Region and if you can't find us there you can always pop in to the farm or contact us to get your hands on some of the goods.