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About Hillview Herb Farm

Over 30 years we have built our reputation as a

welcoming and informative tourist stop for visitors

from all around Australia.

We host bus groups, clubs and private visitors for

tours, taste testings, morning tea, lunch (large groups)

and dinner (large groups). 

We practice organic and sustainable farming and

have fresh herbs, potted seedlings and microgreens

for sale.


Our range of artisan herbal and farm-produced

products are hand-crafted using herbs and fruits

grown in the Hillview garden.

They are available at our farm gate stall, local

farmers markets, and soon to be online. 


Be inspired by our knowledge on herbs, good

food, beautiful views and country hospitality.

Hillview Herb Farm is a boutique, family-

owned herb farm on the Barrington Coast,

Gloucester NSW.


Our Organic and Sustainable Farming Practices

Hillview Herb Farm has practised sustainable organic farming for the past 30 years. 


We are a zero chemical pesticide farm. 


Our ethos is to work with nature. We know that organic farming produces the freshest, best tasting, healthiest and most medicinally-active herbs. This is great for us and good for the planet.


Implementing permaculture ideas has been a recent focus for Hillview. We are always learning and bettering our practices. Yes, we’re constantly mulching and weeding, but for us, organic farming is a labour of love.


Upcycling is a passion of ours and we love sharing our ideas. Check out our Instagram and Facebook to see how we use our upcycled pieces in the garden.


To find out more, visit us for a tour or give us a call.

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